Saturday Night Fever

Anthony will star as Tony in this hit disco musical .

Hustle back to the 70s with music and lyrics by the legendary Bee Gees for this story about a 19-year-old Brooklyn ladies’ man, Tony Manero, whose weekends are spent at the local discotheque where he luxuriates in the admiration of the crowd, his growing relationship with the new girl at the club, and he can temporarily forget the realities of his life, including a dead-end job and his gang of deadbeat friends. In the midst of his passion for dancing at the club, Tony finds himself caught up in a love triangle with his ex-girlfriend and new girl Stephanie. “Stayin’ Alive,” “Boogie Shoes,” “Tragedy,” “More than a Woman,” and “How Deep is Your Love,” are just a few of the gems in this disco party of a musical!

For more information, visit Arts Center of Coastal Carolina.

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